hygge & lort an art concept store

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purveyors of collective memories

the store will very soon be up and running. thank you for your patience.

soon you will know hygge & lort

after a much ballyhooed delay, we are pleased to announce an expansion of the hygge and lort concept.

soon, there will be a store, where one can buy hygge and one can also buy lort. two defiantly different categories, two different experiences.

two short expressions to keep you busy while you wait

i shall share with you two danish expressions that offer some insights that are relevant to hygge and lort:

when someone is very enterprising, it would not be unusual for a dane to say: “hun har ild i røven…” that is to say, “her ass is on fire.”

one someone has died, we might find ourselves saying: “han har stillet træskoene…”  that is, “he has set aside his clogs.”

about hygge & lort

for years, i’ve suffered from a latent desire to open a shop and call it hygge & lort, and now that i am spending part of the year back in the states, i might very well have to find an old warehouse storefront and do it as a side project, open only during odd hours.

hygge is a danish concept that is difficult to describe, let alone make a direct translation for. it means a lot of things, but its essence is found within the gestures and rituals that are performed to create a mood or setting that is convivial, warm, cosy, comfortable, and generous – an act of hospitality directed towards friends, strangers or even oneself.  the cliché is that you light candles even on the most banal occasions, just to make it a bit more special. of course, it is more than candles, but everyone in denmark would agree that things are just a bit more hyggelig, if you fire up the tea lights. 

i don’t always prescribe to hygge, but it is a part of scandihoovian culture and it manifests itself in one’s blood. the concept is expressed in the form of a noun, verb, adverb, and adjective, and amongst its many uses are: hyggefascist, hyggekrog (a hygge corner), hyggepianist, and hyggespreder (one who spreads the proverbial good vibe, to use the parlance of our times).

lort, on the other hand, is in everything we see and touch, and as danes are obsessed with all things scatological (they use a variation of the word lort, skidt, shit, scheiss in more or less every fifth or sixth sentence), thus it’s only fitting that a name for a shop includes the word lort, which literally means crap or shit.

danes use the word shit (skide) as an amplifier for many adjectives – one might exclaim ”det smager skide godt!” (that tastes shitty good!) and mean it as a compliment. one might say ”skide lækkert” (shitty beautiful) or ”skide ulækkert” (shitty gross), and one might also say ”der er penge i lortet” (there’s money in that shit) or ”sikke noget lort!” (what a mess!) or say lort to suggest bad luck or tough luck. one might ”stå i lort til halsen” (stand up to your neck in shit) meaning that one faces enormous problems. on a tangental note, one might also use a variation of røv (ass), as in, “hold da kæft, det var røv kedelig” (shut up, that was ass boring) or one might say “det var røv flot!” (that was ass beautiful!).

my deep down suspicions inform me that it is one of the other dominant concepts that is fundamental to the scandinavian mentality, janteloven, that motivated the development of the danish language to focus on the scatological. it is a biological function that no one can escape from, and so, to briefly reduce the tenets of janteloven to a single concept, one would conclude that no one person is better than any one else.

by extension, one can also logically conclude that no one thing is better than another thing, and therefore everything is shit. what better way to remind each other of this, than to subconsciously point out, or make reference to, the lort in our daily existence.

hygge & lort – the good with the bad.